Our company is engaged in the wood area since 1926, handing down with success for three generations. In principle was founded like forest company, with sawmill for the primary woodworking. Today we are specialized in the Europea hardwood trading, as lumbers as elements.

Company consists in 5000m2 of area, where 1500m2 are covered. We have got four kiln dry chamber, for a total drying capacity of 240m3 of wood.

Timber is imported after an our inspection from East-Europe, mainly from Ex-Jugoslavia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Main types of wood which we work are: oak, ash, beech, cherry, alder, walnut, chestnut, lime, poplar, olive and hornbeam.

Last years we are specialized in the production of elements for the furniture industries. As you could see in the products section, we are able to offer fresh material directly from our East-Europe sawmills, but also to offer KD material and S4S following the costumers requests.    


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